Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The fall of El Nino

The last weekend of the transfer window was a manic one of note. Monday itself needs new vocabulary to describe what happened. Fernando Torres, the golden boy of many and mooted as the best striker in the world when in form, hence he was loved by all and hated by the enemies because he was so good. He came from Madrid to Liverpool as the clubs most expensive signing and won our hearts before even kicking a ball by having the words "We'll Never Walk Alone" inscribed in his Atlethico Madrid captains armband. Whether or not its was a "come and get me" sign to Liverpool was irrelevant as he did make the move that summer. He quickly started breaking all sorts of records for the club and became one of the Premier Leagues more feared strikers. He had world class defenders such as Vidic quivering when they faced him so no doubt he was a prized asset to the club. Numerous transfer windows have come and gone with many clubs and Chelsea in particular making audacious bids for the striker but not only the club stating that the striker was not for sale, Fernando Torres himself stated that he wouldnt play for another English Club.

He said many a time in interviews of his love for Liverpool Football Club, the fans, the stadium and the history. Heck even at the world cup after Spains victory he was pictured with the World Cup and a Liverpool scarf so forgive us die hard supporters for feeling abit ill when he submitted a hand written transfer request after Chelsea's initial bid for him was rejected by the club. As the Club felt them and the player had a mutual understanding that neither of them were going to split. As heart sore as it is to hear your most loved player wanted out from your team, the club did the right thing to hold out for the £50 million.

Now many ask me why do I hate the player I once loved and sang songs about? Simple really. Firstly the lies, if you dont feel so passionately about the club, then why go on record to say a week prior to handing in a transfer request that you look forward to your future at the club? Then theres the timing that pissed everyone off. 3 days before the window closes. The reasons he stated in the request shown that he hasnt thought about this now and has been habouring these feelings for a while so why wait till the end? Fine he wants to win trophies but if he really did love the club he would have told them when the window opened, so it gave us a chance to find a suitable replacement and plan for the future, not give us 3 days of grief fighting for the right price from Chelsea then making hasty decisions in the market! As they say whats done is done, and one thing is for sure Fernando Torres is no longer Liverpool's number 9, he could have left the club in a dignified manner and still let us hold him in high self esteem but he tarnished his image with us and doubt he could ever redeem what he has done.

Liverpool with Kenny Dalglish were quick bring in replacements in the form of Luis Suarez and Newcastle's goal scoring giant Andy Carroll, both combined fetched a total off £58 million but in essence really good investments. People say Carroll was over priced but with the new rules as stated in a previous post, it makes perfect sense. Theres no denying the lad's qualities of goal scoring, holding the ball up and essentially a good target man, the thing that pushed his value up is the fact he is English, so despite him being injured it didnt affect the price. He can only go on to great things from here. Luis Suarez on the other hand, the most hated player from the World Cup but no doubt a deadly finisher, his goal average for Ajax is staggering let alone his assist percentage. With these two upfront we potentially could have the most lethal strike force in the EPL. Its just a matter of time since we see it in action. Then in a few months we could find ourselves saying "Torres Who?"

"Andy Carroll, Liverpools number 9"

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