Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mirror Mirror...

 ...on the wall, we dont need you right now, so you just hang there. Yup its that time of the year again, the time FHM South Africa asks you to cast your votes for who you think is the sexiest in the world. As per usual it is as simple as logging on to the website and entering the 10 names of the woman you feel most likely deserve the crown. You can enter as many times as you want and vote for who ever you want but if you like me, you tend to forget who it is you want to vote for so the guys are kind enough to add pictures of various girls at the bottom of the page and dont worry if you cant remember the spelling because the neat software they got on the website picks up the letters of the name and gives you suggestions for the auto complete. In addition for voting who wins, you get a chance to win a Sony PS3, now as an owner I can give my biased opinion that it is the best gaming consol out there at the moment, so that alone is a pretty rad prize but just like a TV infomercial "wait theres more!" you and a friend could stand a chance to win a trip to the photo shoot with the winner! How cool is that? If you do win just make sure to carry some sellotape with you, dont want your picture having any protrusions of any kind.

Back to the competition, Im a patriot of note, whether its supporting our national sporting teams or defending South Africa's honor as a whole, this country is great and its filled with belters that will leave your jaw on the floor, Im serious, South Africa has some of the most stunning woman you've ever seen so I ask, in a competition like this, why vote for any other? Its good to see that most of the previous winners in this competition have been local as it would have been a shame to see some foreigner grace the cover of our countries version of this male magazine. The woman we have here deserve the attention they get so thats why I try to keep my votes 100% local, its hard but I try.

So seeing that the choice is so great with our local bomb shells, over the next few weeks leading up to the end of the competition, every Friday will be #FhmFriday where I will post 3 of my picks. Each post will feature 3 girls from 3 categories which I will explain now.
  1. Favourite
  2. Underdog
  3. Legend
Favourite: will be the one I feel has the most likely chance of making the top 20, all professional and not new to the game so they are sort of the firm favourites, hence the name of the category.

Underdog: or dark horses if you like, relatively unknown but making their way up the modeling ladder and could have a lucky break in a competition like this.

Legend: Either previously won the competition before or came close to it or may be considered past their prime but either way they I still think they deserve a mention.

So again, each Friday I will pick 3 girls, to fit one of the categories above. The choice is mine so you can use it as a guide or just visit my the blog to perve at the pictures, either way make sure you get your votes in! Last thing you want is not to see your favourite on the list.

Happy Voting!

That website one more time:

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