Friday, February 11, 2011

FHM Fridays - 1

So here it go's, part 1 of 10 #FhmFridays, as explained in my previous blog post, these are my picks for the FHM 100 sexiest competition in no particular order. I'll start of by giving you the complete list of 10's for each category as I dont want any girl to have an unfair advantage of number of weeks been posted. Each week I will focus on 3, one from each category.

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Favourite: Lee-Ann Roberts

A firm favourite of mine and hope she does make it into the top 20 is Lee Ann, hails from Durban (not being biased now) this lass has heads turning where ever she go's. Unfairly under rated is what I'll describe her as. Winning the face of Lee Jeans and coming in the top 10 of FHM home grown honeys is just some of the many accolades shes picked up over the years. Its like she does the camera a favour by letting it take a picture of her as I've yet to see a bad picture. She is a stunner of note and slowly becoming a hot topic on twitter with her party escapades. She has age on her side as well seeing she still is in her early 20's so we can only expect her to mesmerize us more in the future on her path to Super Modelism.



Underdog: Samantha Laura Kaye

Also likes to be known as "Lady Kaye" this british born beauty can be found frolicking in the Cape either powdering up models or baking cupcakes in the kitchen. Even though she likes to dabble in a little of everything, its in front of the camera is where I'd like to see her more often. She is a natural beauty and oozes sexyness, did I mention she bakes too? Theres so much to her that it boggles the mind, I sometimes sit and think what can she not do? She even makes a good car journalist with one of the best reviews of the new Mclaren MP4-12C I've read so far. Adventurious is another quality of hers I picked up since following her on twitter, so in essence shes every guys dream girl. 



Legend: Kerry McGregor

The name says it all and its no secret that I am a MASSIVE fan of this great. The messiah of swimsuit models, the poster girl of every guy in South Africa,  let alone cricket players. The Wonder bra icon shot onto the scene in the 90's by appearing on the covers of SA Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition and from then on the rest as they say is history. She became a firm favourite by the guys in SA by appearing every year in the FHM 100 sexiest list and even after giving birth to 2 kids I cant see her disappearing off the list in the future. Now you can catch this blonde bombshell cheering on her husband, the great Neil McKenzie at any Lions game thought we wouldnt mind seeing her grace the covers of a magazine just one more time.


Until next weeks instalments, happy voting!

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