Friday, February 18, 2011

FHM Fridays - 2

The List

Week 2 of FHM Fridays brings you yet another hattrick of beauties to to help vote in the FHM 100 sexiest in the world competition.

Favourite: Basia Tyrkalska

The name might be a mouthful but her sexyness will have your jaw on the floor so you bound to get it all in. This Polish/ South African beauty and holder of a honor's degree in Economics came in at number 28 last year so shes looking at improving that position this year. Besides the fact she still owes me Woolworths black forest cup cakes, Basia is a lover of all animals, has great taste in music and as her twitter bio quotes a song from Tinie Tempah "written in the stars" lets hope for her sake this years stars have only good things written for her as she missed out on making the FHM Calender last year.

Underdog: Kirsty Bisset

Another one that doesnt just have a pretty face is junior business analyst Kirsty Bisset or as Sasha Martinengo likes to pronounce it "Bizzay". The P.E born lass better known to many as the "Patron Princess" is no new comer to the modeling scene either, with a number of shoots under her name, making the FHM Top 100 home grown honeys and already debuted in the 100 sexiest last year at number 79 she is a sure bet to make another appearance and with your help it could be much higher than last years achievement.  You can find the big Sharks and Liverpool supporter on twitter where you can let her entertain you all day with her jokes and escapades. 


Legend: Lee-Ann Liebenberg

Does she even need an introduction? She practically took FHM to a whole new level with her twins. She also appeared in FHM's very first 3D shoot which many a guy is thankful for. Never short of controversy shes always causing a stir, the lastest for this new mother was the incident that occurred at Cape Towns hot celeb spot Caprice, to cut a long story short and R60 000 later she disappeared of twitter but clearly an addict like the rest of us shes back on! Being a former winner in 2005 she will never grace the top spot again but we'd still like to see her make the list.

That brings this weeks instalment to an end, remember that all important link:

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