Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The day of birth

Its the one day in the year we're made to feel special, being wished well by many and in general being merry. I must admit, Im just like everyone else when it comes to birthdays, I like the attention and its your special day so why not soak it up right? Though thats where the similarities end for me, called me old fashion or boring but I dont expect a party or night on the town, would it be nice? Sure! but for me growing up birthdays were more of a time for family, a nice home cooked meal shared with the people around you. Yes it is something that can be done everyday but why would you want it any other way on your special day? Gifts as well, I believe the best gift you can give me is the simple wish, everyone loves presents and so do I but the humble greeting of 'Happy birthday'suffices for me. Im not sure why I like it that way and dont think Im being cheap by saying if I dont recieve I wont give, as I do but its just one of those things I've preffered over the years. That being said I guess you could say I was more greatful for what I had than what I didnt have. A nice house, to which I called home, a timely meal, a comfy bed to sleep on and many other luxuries that many didnt have. I must admit after reading that ,I got to agree that I do sound old fashioned! So call me as it is I suppose.

As I near the end of my time being 25 and think about the year that was. I cant say it was one that was plain sailing, infact it was rather rough sea's, sure the sun did shine on occasions but it did take its toll. Like they say you have to take the good with the bad but the important thing is the lessons learnt and the friends made, and boy have I made tons! From the highs being shot to twitter stardom to the lows of the reality of not having a job, its had it all. Learning to set priorities was the biggest learning curve and saving time for those who deserve it and not those that just need you when youre wanted. As you grow, you learn, you appreciate but never stop having fun as you're doing it. Like they say...

 "Age is but a number"

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