Thursday, May 19, 2011

The fire that unites

Sharks subs warming up
A few weeks back  about a month ago, I was invited by the man, the legend, the braai master him self Jan Braai to come braai with him at Mr Price Kings Park after the Super 15 game between the Sharks & Lions. It was a previlage and an honor to be invited to braai with the very man that started whats become a sort of a culture for us South Africans on the 24th of September every year, which is Heritage day but better known now as "National Braai Day". In essence it is about celebrating our heritage, as its the one thing that is common for all races and it brings us together as one. Black, White, Indian or Coloured, we all love making a fire and throwing some meat on it, add some beer to wash the food down and you've got yourself a perfect day.

Jean Deysel and Jan Braai
Jan was busy at the time with his Braai For Heritage tour, traveling the country in his quest to braai for 40 days on the road at various locations in South Africa. You can read more about his firery journey here at Braai4heritage. Durban was his 28th stop on the road and where better to braai than at the Shark Tank after a Sharks victory? The 5 point win over the Lions was more than a suitabale reason to party the night away around a fire. Sadly though and much to Jan's disappointment, we were provided with gas braai's, one of Jan's arch nemisis but there was meat and it wasnt going to get braai'd by itself.

The Beast and Jan

After quenching our thirsts with the various liquids  the Natal Rugby Union had provided for us, it was time to light the fire and start braai'ing some meat because sooner than we knew it we were being circled by a bunch of hungry Sharks. Thankfully not the kind you find in the waters of the ocean but rather the ones that play rugby. One by one they exited the tank and made their way to the braai area due to the smell of the food. Well it was their parking lot we hijacked for the braai so they would have came any way.

The Hoff and Jan
First up was the injured Jean Deysel, the human wrecking ball as they call him, to my surprise he wasnt as big as I expected him to be but fat chance I'd tell him that to his face, even if he was injured! A few kebabs down and the ever friendly Beast popped along to have a chat, since the series Jan was shooting was in Afrikaans, the Zimbabwean born prop tride his best to converse in the language, but I think we were just making him more hungry.

Willem Alberts and Jan
Player after player we interviewed and asked who they thought was the best braai-er from the team and each time we got the same answer. "Willem Alberts" they said, so without hestitation ... okay they might have been hestiation in calling one of  the most biggest, toughest and scariest players in the squad up but he was rather happy to join us. After spending some time with the BigVic we learnt that he was the total opposite to what one would think he is. No doubt one of the nicest guys a person can meet, and he knows how to braai a good chop!
John Plumtree grabbing a roll
As the night wore on, the food pile got less but the fun never stopped. From John Plumtree poking fun at the DuPlessis brothers, to Pat Lambie playing touch rugby with the little kids. It was an experience I'll never forget. The night I got to braai with the Sharks!
Me and Jan
Keep an eye out for the series that will be a documentary televised on DSTV, the channel: Kyknet,due to begin at the end of July.

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