Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Its been a year of mixed emotions for many, most of whom want to see the end of it. True 2011 hasn't been as good as 2010 but then again one has to look at personal aspects and weigh the good and the bad. Sure there might have been more bad than good but the lessons we learnt from the bad prepares us for the future so in essence, the bad served some good. I know I've learnt a lot and will take this knowledge and make use of it going forward.

comedy revolution crew at Hooters
For me, personally, 2011 went alil something like this. From the scary reality of knowing that I was about to be retrenched to the relief of getting a new one in quick succession. Many aren't as privileged as I was so I am grateful for how that all fell in place. It was a rude awakening to the economic situation the country faced with many companies having to do these forced retrenchments. The job I'm at, although not the best paying in terms of money is paying off in other areas in broadening my scope to the environment I'm working in.

Iain, Rabin, Myself, Sue Anne & Lana at Sushi Sunday
Apart from jobs, I am damn lucky to have forged friendships with some awesome individuals during this year. From people I hardly knew, within months they became friends so good that I feel I know them for years. Some of which I cant go a day without talking to. Most of them are from twitter but there are others from different media streams that have had a major impact in my life. I have made many friends, I hope not to lose any for any reason through my life because some people you just know you have to make that extra effort to keep them around.

Goldfish pool party
Which ever way I look at it, 2011 has been an eventful year for me. With Twitter and blog success, it had me invited for many a event and I seized the opportunity. From the re-launch of the Lee Jeans store to partying to Goldfish in an exclusive invite only pool party hosted by Volcom. Every week my mailbox gets a new invite for something. Lets hope they keep rolling in during 2012 as I loved each and every event I attended, regardless if they had free booze and food or not.

SAB Meet and greet
Twitter Blanket Drive
With twitter, nothing could have prepared me for the overwhelming response to our charity drive before winter. With the Twitter Blanket Drive being a massive success and a big step up from last years, more volunteers, more publicity and most importantly more donations! Also recently we held a small charity drive in Durban for an orphanage for their Christmas party, seeing people set aside time from their day jobs to plan and coordinate these events was an eye opening experience. Help came in from many forms, whether it was getting donations from major corporations or the people them self helping to shop for gifts, all forms were welcomed. Looking forward to doing more work with the wonderful crew next year.

Kings of Leon
Nevin, Sue Anne & Venu
Of course there was fun to be had during the year as well, the Kings Of Leon road trip to Joburg with the boys (@NevinSP @coaxel @iAvish_Karr) being the stand out from them all. 4 guys, 1 car, heading to Joburg for a weekend of crazy and boy did it get crazy! I think the most liquid consumed was alcohol hence the tag #031KOLroadtrip was soon changed to "Kill our liver". From the beerfest at Monte Casino and being surprised by my twitter fiance @StephanieBe to the concert itself, it was a weekend that is dubbed "Legendary" and I have many of the Jhb tweeps to thank for that!

Hout Bay
Leaving aside the many parties that were in between the next big one was the week in Cape Town where I attended my 2nd Cape Town beerfest in the same amount of years. Met some of Cape Towns finest as well as some imports... well just one import (@yeswecrann) even though there was parties, that wasn't the main agenda, touring the majestic Cape was first on the list and I had a good tour guide to show me parts of the CT that I didn't know of or see the ones I have visited but learned more about them. Watching the sunset from on top of table mountain, walking along Hout Bay beach, visiting Winelands, its the small things that you take the greatest pleasure from. That being said, what I got up to in my final days were pretty awesome too! 46 hours of no sleep, seeing Deadmau5 perform live in Cape Town, flying with him to Durban and then see him perform live in a rain filled wavehouse was one insane experience!

Kelly, Michelle, myself, Stephanie & Stacey before Deadmau5 CT

Deadmau5 in Durban

Lastly, this place, my online home which they call a blog surpassed my expectations. When I created it last year I had no idea that just little over a year later I would have over 35,000 hits and that's 100% because of you guys. I cant thank your'll enough for clicking on the link and reading the stuff I write...or if its just to look at the pics, I don't mind. I will keep up the posts and try to do more regular posts.

Theres many other things that made 2011 great for me, its what we make from them and the memories we have of them that make them that more special. Theres no point in remembering the bad as it just clouds the good. Looking forward to what 2012 holds in store, cheers!

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