Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Red Bull: #RedMonday

photo by @coaxel
This past Monday saw the launch of #RedMonday in South Africa which broke through the trends charts on Twitter before the events could start! The guest lists were limited and many had no idea what it was so let me bring you up to speed. Red Monday is essentially an international club culture concept event that has been created by the giant energy drink Red Bull. It has already taken off in Europe quite well and the guys at Red Bull SA are hoping it will be much the same.

photo by @Stormable
4 parties were held over 4 cities in South Africa, namely Joburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth. I attended the Durban one which was held at Boulevard night club on Florida Rd. The party focused very much around the launch of the new Red Bull "Editions" which are the flavour variants of the popular energy drink. Currently there were just 2 options being original and sugar free but soon the 3 flavours will be hitting the stores.

Edition Blue (Blueberry), Edition Red (Cranberry) and Edition Silver (Lime) are the 3, and being a Red Bull event, there was plenty to go around for free! Add to that the guys from Skyy Vodka arranging a limited amount of bottles for free to the guests to sample the editions as mixers. Having sampled all 3 on the night, I have to say Edition Silver is my favourite and it was also the general agreement from most of the party goers that night.

Apart from standing around and drinking Red Bull, there was a party to be had! Red Bull's mobile DJ box was on hand with a list of top DJ's taking turns to spin the beats. The crowd and vibe was great and many familiar faces were spotted, one would never tell it was a Monday night in Durbs! People partied the night away with Red Bull providing the much needed energy to keep them going through to the early hours of Tuesday morning. Looking forward to the next #RedMonday

@Stormable and myself

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