Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The truth about the 96

Its been in the news for the past week and has been the focal talking point in much of the Premier League fixtures this past weekend. The fans and people of Liverpool always knew the truth but lies and cover ups said otherwise. For over 23 years the families and friends of the victims of that tragic day in Sheffield fought for justice and the truth, last week their pleas were finally heard and documents containing the truth were made public for the first time. These documents proved what was always said, a large scale cover up by the police of the incident that claimed 96 innocent lives on the 15 of April 1989. Its also went to show that of the 96 deceased, 41 could have been saved had the police allowed rescue workers into the stadium. It was the largest footballing tragedy in the UK and it changed football in general forever as the English FA then put a ban on terraces in all stadiums as they had to be 100% seated for crowd control and general safety.

After the news broke about the revelations, tributes and apologies came pouring in to the club and the families, one the firsts were from Sheffield Wednesday FC whom it was at their stadium, Hillsborough that the incident occurred. Football clubs and fans took it upon themselves to show solidarity towards the fallen. Many paid tribute at the eternal flame at Anfield and during the weekends fixtures some of the clubs played the famous "You'll never walk alone" before kick off. Its wasn't just in the UK as clubs in France, Italy and even Texas paid tribute.

It wasn't a requirement for them to do that but it was done out of their own hearts, so it wasn't expected from everyone but welcomed from those who did. Obviously with some clubs there are great rivalries but even at a time like this that was forgotten as shown in the fixture between Everton and Newcastle where before the kick off at Goodison Park, YNWA was played over the loud speaker. Now hate to single out a club and put blame on them and their supporters but certain fans of Man Utd were caught chanting "always the victim/ its never your fault" aimed at LFC during their game against Wigan on the weekend. It was condemned by the club and Sir Alex, my question is why? Fine they claimed it has nothing to do with Hillsborough but why sing about Liverpool in the first place? Yes we don't see eye to eye in most cases but why go on and sing that? What good did it do? After years of suffering from the lies, and now that the truth is out they still had the nerve to say that?

From Napoli
I think people need to draw the line when comes to these things, yes there's football but also real life. People were killed, they were fans just like them going to watch their team play but never returned home. Its because of their loss of life that safety measures have been bettered for us today yet they chose to mock them. Im not saying its only the fans of United to blame because I've heard that supporters of LFC also mock United by chanting "Munich" which hails back to the tragic planes crash where members of the Busby babes died. Also on twitter I saw many United fans arguing why they shouldn't pay tribute to the 96 and how those who do are not true supporters. I tell you what, the first Manchester United fan to stand up and sing YNWA will have the greatest respect from me.

The two teams meet this weekend for their fixture in the English Premiership and I just hope things don't turn nasty. For far too long supporters of the two clubs have been embroiled in this stubborn feud that's seen some nasty things being said about each other, its time for one or both to stand up and be the bigger person and stop this once and for all. Alex Ferguson said it himself, the clubs have done what they can, its up to the fans now.

In memory of the 96, the truth has been revealed, now its time for justice.
You'll Never Walk Alone

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