Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Windows 8

The 26th of October sees the official launch of Windows 8 to the world, the much awaiting operating system from Microsoft is a complete change to what we have been used to over the years from the software giant. If you recall my previous post on the Microsoft Device Update I did touch on Windows 8 and made it
known that it is very touch orientated. Seeing that most devices are now full touch screen, it only makes sense to integrate one of the most powerful OS's to suite.

The first obvious thing that you will realise about Windows 8 is that it doesn't have a desktop, well there is one along with a start bar but its located in one of the tiles. If you have used or seen a windows phone with Win7.5 or Win8 you would be used to this setup by now and it makes it much easier to scroll through to various items. I was supposed to attend the official launch on Thursday the 25th but due to work reasons I had to decline the offer but as soon as I can get more info on Win8 I will post it up.

Also rumoured to be launch is the Surface tablet, Microsoft's competitor to the Apple iPad. Now like any guy, I love my gadgets but I just didn't see the practicality the iPad had, this on the other hand is a different story, for starters it has USB3! So that's winning for me already, then there's the magnetic snap on keypad for when you need to type something fast, it also doubles up as a screen protector. It also has a built in stand. The prices were leaked last week and they seem pretty competitive, yes the standard models will be running a scaled down version of Windows 8, which they've called Windows 8 RT but it still looks like a good buy, cant wait to get my hands on one, maybe the powers at be can give me one ;)

Surface pricing *leaked

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