Thursday, November 1, 2012

BMW Driver Training

We all think we're good drivers, well most of us do and everyone else on the road is wrong. Then you get the select few who think we're expert race car drivers wasting our talents on the public roads, I say "we're" because I believe I'm one of them. Yes we all have this perceptions about our driving skills but how true is any of it? If we were faced with making a split second decision on the road to save you and others lives, are you prepared enough to avoid such an incident? There'll always be that element of doubt in our mind, because sometimes we just don't know what to do in certain situations. What if there was training available to help you in instances like that? Well there is, BMW offer a High Performance Driver Training course and the people in KZN are in luck, often we in the Zulu Kingdom miss out on many events but the kind people of BMW SA are bringing the program to KZN's Roy Hesketh Circuit in Pietermaritzberg in November.

With expert BMW instructors, participants can hone their sporty driving style behind the wheel of an exclusive BMW and gear themselves to understand braking distances, emergency lane changes and experience a whole new dimension of high-performance driver safety. 

One of the biggest causes of motor accidents is human error and the inability to adapt appropriately to potentially hazardous situations. BMW Driver Training chooses to address this by developing sophisticated driving skills that equip the driver to deal with impending danger. Those who want to master the art of vehicle control and to find their ideal line as well as enhance the fun and safety of everyday driving will find this course very useful. 

Other courses on offer include the BMW Track Night Experience, which aims to help participants gain insight into how a change in road conditions coupled with night driving impacts on a driver. Participants will also learn the theory of operating dynamics at the limits of handling, with information from the world of motorsport. After completing a few laps under the guidance of an instructor, participants will explore the optimum line around the bends on their own.

Just like a TV infomercial "but wait, theres more!" for the first time, BMW are offering their M models in the courses. So you could get behind the wheel of the legendary M3 or the M5 super sedan. Imagine taking either around a track at high speeds and ultimate precision, sends tingles down the spine of any petrol head


Dates: Monday, 12 November – Friday, 16 November 2012
Times: 07:30 – 13:00 (morning) OR 12:30 – 17:15 (afternoon)
Venue: Roy Hesketh Race Track
Cost per course (including 14% VAT):
BMW 135i High Performance
R3 200.00
BMW 328i High Performance
R2 950.00
BMW M3 High Performance:
R6 500.00
BMW M5 High Performance:
R8 000.00

For more information, visit , email or phone on 011 564 5088


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  1. My driving teacher said that taking in and emulating a couple of principles can help you evade mishaps and activity fines and all the more essentially can spare your life.