Tuesday, July 30, 2013


How often do you know of live performances happening in and around your area? If you're like me, you rely solely on on-line media, radio advertising or just so happen to see a billboard on a light pole for a live gig. Often I find out too late about bands or artist that I would have liked to see perform live or miss it completely but read about it later. 

What if there was a way to know exactly what's going on in your area in terms of live music performances? Almost like an events calender specifically for your taste in music which shows gigs that are happening near your location? Sounds good right? 

Well that's what the guys at Lab19 Digital have been busy with and now its ready for you to enjoy and make use of, this is Fanbible. The developers , Dave MacMillan, Ian Petzer, Luke Siedle and Iain Mackenzie all have a rich heritage in the music industry. They as musos found it hard in the past to get word out on info for their upcoming gigs and fans of their music being clueless about performances going down in their own hood.

How it works? The app automatically detects the area of the user by using HTML5 geolocation API and then displays thumbnails with info on upcoming events in the area. What's also cool about it, the user can log in with Facebook and can import their Likes in terms of music preferences and the app will customize the events list to their liking. It will also enable them to star certain events so they can receive notifications on the event should there be any new info arising for it. 

The application is available for iPhone, iPad, android and desktop browsers and is really easy to use. It's a must have for all music lovers so you never in the dark over performances from your favourite bands or artists that's happening in your town.

And you can find Lab19 here: http://lab19digital.com/

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