Thursday, July 18, 2013

SA Swimsuit 2013

After the news broke that SA Sports Illustrated was shutting down, many an avid reader was worried that their annual and popular feature, the Swimsuit Edition would disappear as well. Luckily a local Rugby Mag sprung and threw it a life line. A local model search was held and the winner, Careen Truterl was escorted with the crew and other models, local and foreign to the location of Borneo where the shoot has taken place. As a fan of the annual swimwear edition, I can't wait to see the end result! Here are the ladies that will be featured in it.

Xenia Deli

Jayden Ashley Robinson

Derryn Lester

Rosette Mogomotsi

Nicole Meyer

Careen Trutter 
(model search winner)

Candice Boucher

Im sorry, you just cant have one pic of Candice! here's more!

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