Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Add Hope

What is 2 rand? If someone had to ask you for it, it's a lot of money but if you had it in your hand, it isn't really much. Most people use it to tip car guards or petrol attendants, make up change to pay for the parking, or sometimes it just gathers in your purse or wallet with other change with eventually starts to bother you. What if I told you your R2 can do much more? What if I told you your R2 could help feed millions? A charity that has a set amount which is minimal, how? Well with the help of KFC, every time you make a purchase at one of thier branches, you get the option to purchase "Hope" for R2 to add to your order.

What is Add Hope? It was launched 4 years ago by KFC as their solution to feed the millions of starving children in South Africa. Statistics show that over a billion people are at the risk of starvation world wide and 239 million of them are from Africa. South Africa contributes 12 million to that figure with an estimated 3.3 million being children and the number is ever increasing. The R2 you donate goes straight to one of 90 beneficiaries which are feeding schemes that will use that money only to feed the children because the purpose of this year long drive is to provide nutritional, healthy and balanced meals to the growing children who don't have access to it. 

To this date the Add Hope initiative has managed to raise R183 million since its inception in 2009, R31 million of this has been raised in 2013, this included the R2 donations from the public and the franchisees who selected local community projects to contribute to every year. This campaign is different to others because it gives each an everyone one of us the chance to better the life of someone less fortunate, everyone deserves the right to a meal and we with the help of KFC and Add Hope can do this together.

For a list of the beneficiaries, clicke here

For more info on Add Hope and how you can contribute, visit the website: www.addhope.co.za

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