Thursday, October 17, 2013

Uber Durban!

The secret is out! Durban has just got a whole lot cooler with the launch of the multi national luxury taxi service Uber! After taking Joburg and Cape Town by storm, the brand decided to spread its wings to the East Coast, good move to seeing that we are South Africa's play ground.

The service revolves around an app which is downloadable from the app store for iPhones and Adroid phones. With this app you are able to request a cab for the route you are wanting to travel, a quote will be given and also additional info such as the name of your driver. With the app you can also track the drivers location by means of your GPS so you will know exactly where is so you can be on time when he arrives. How cool is that?

All of Uber's vehicles are state of the art luxury cars, so whatever the occasion or venue you are always going to arrive in style. Today's launch in Durban was a highlight as their first customer was none other than the legendary DJ Tira who needed a ride home from the airport. Those who have already registered with the service could track the car via the app.

Now being Durban, we're generally more laid back than the other cities and more importantly things aren't that expensive as it is in the sister cities hence you will be glad to know that the Uber pricing for Durban is lower than Jhb and Cpt with the prices being rather competitive relative to the market. This is excellent news for us Durban folk seeing that places here aren't that far off.

Now many must be asking, why should I use the service? Well with December round the corner, thousands will descend to the the city to enjoy the warm waters of the Indian Ocean during the summer holidays. With tourists comes the parties and with the parties comes the drinking, like many other provinces, KZN also has adapted a zero tolerance on drinking and driving so why risk it? You have an awesome service like Uber at your disposal, use it! its simple, its easy to use and it worth it. It's not only to prevent  sober driver, in some instances places you go, there is a headache to find parking, if you take a cab, that pain is alleviated and you don't have to worry about tipping the pesky car guard!

For more info on Uber Durban, you can visit the website, otherwise follow them on twitter and instagram.

Stay tuned as we at the Bucket will be bringing you some specials from Uber Durban

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  1. The only way Durban would improve is if someone has been using heavy weaponry in the Point Road area, and up and down Smith and West Streets.