Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bucket Seat: BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept

The BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept was unveiled this week at the Beijing International Motorshow. That's a long name for a car, thankfully it is just a concept so if and when it does go into production, it will be shortened and given a number. Most people in the industry have already tipped it to take on the 7 badge and with good reason too. The 7 series has always been the pinnacle of BMW's design philosophy, with it leading the way in design changes that from there gets passed onto the other cars in the stable. 

To be honest this car took most by surprised, BMW did well to keep it under wraps with the odd spy shot being captured now and then, maybe all their other new models were distracting us? Whatever the case is, they did a blody good job on this one. When it comes to big luxury sedans, there are really only two and with Mercedes Benz already throwing down the gauntlet with their all new jaw dropping S-Class, BMW had to step up to the mark to match their German rivals. From what we're seeing in the VFLC (I'm calling it that for short) ,they're certainly up for the challenge as in previous models one always felt that the 7 series lacked something when coming up against the S-Class. 

Bare in mind this is just a concept so expect some major changes to the production model, so the fancy lights could be changed to the more used xenon/ led option and those suicide doors might be swapped for the more conventional type doors. Interior wise, the seats will probably have more bulk and as much as I want the Starship Enterprise set up for the driver it will be toned down due to cost purposes. 

Overall I think BMW have got a true contender here, it's massive wheel arches and wide stance just makes it look like it's the business. I could go on with the stuff given in the press release but one really just has to look at it to understand what went into this vehicle during design and conception. It would be wrong to say it is "simply stunning" because there is nothing simple about it, so I'm going to go with "sophisticatedly stunning".

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