Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Burger King opens in KZN

The King has arrived to KwaZulu Natal, well we already have a King but I'm not talking about the monarch, I'm talking about Burger King. Yes, the famed American franchise has finally hit our shores! The first outlet was opened in Cape Town last year and the response was incredible with people queueing for hours to get their hands on the variety of burgers on offer. 

I was lucky enough to be invited to their media launch on the 11th of April at the first store in KZN situated in the newly revamped Food Court of the Pavilion Shopping Centre. Speaking to members of the franchise, they said this would be the first of many for the province. They anticipated a big response for the new store, similar to that of Cape Town and Johannesburg, one of the reasons for that was a slight communication error from one of the local newspapers which saw the wrong opening date published which caused a huge crowd to gather at the store during their training day. 

The overall store set up is decent with a small eating area inside the store, reason being the spill of the crowd will flow into the food court area. The menu is quite extensive and what I liked is that each burger on the menu can be changed to suit your taste. You can chop and change to your taste buds desire, with extras such as cheese, different dressings and types of buns. The meals are offered in medium or large and your cool drinks are bottomless with a fountain situated in the eating area for refills. They also have a lot of side items on the menu ask snacks, such as chicken nuggets, cheese and chili nuggets and chicken wings to name a few. The dessert menu is sure to have the sugar lovers in a buzz with a wide variety to satisfy your sweet cravings. 

I ordered the Chicken Tendercrisp burger meal with a side of chili cheese nuggets and for desert I ordered the Hot Blondie brownie. The burger was a decent size and it had a full fillet of chicken and not processed junk, I ordered the curry cheese mayo and normal mayo with it. The combination was a good one and probably one that I'd stick to for the next time I order. The staff seem well trained and ready for the challenge ahead and they seem to be coping well with the demand as I've heard people are queueing for a maximum of 45 minutes at the recently opened store. 

Its a nice alternative to what we're used to and a major plus for is the fact that you can customised your meal, the bottomless refreshments and the extensive dessert menu is always a winner. I'll be sure to call again. Trading times are 10am till 10pm. 

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