Sunday, April 13, 2014

Monday Choon: Lune - Leave the world behind (Ludovika Bootleg)

Its been little over a year since the world bid it's goodbyes to the Swedish House Mafia, with their last performance at Ultra 2013 bringing an end to their One Last Tour. Since then we've seen new DJ's emerge from the ranks to take the world of electronic dance music by storm but still the sounds produced by the Swedish trio seem timeless. One of my all time favourite tracks from them is "Leave the world behind", released in 2009, it was the song that put them on the mark for greatness. It has emerged that they will be releasing a movie soon, entitled Leave the world behind with Lune doing the cover of the song. It's a different take to the orginal, giving it a very eerie feeling but at the same time done brilliantly well. Today we feature the Ludovika bootleg but watch the original video as well which features the former members. 

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