Friday, July 11, 2014

Bucket Babe: Kerry-Lee Cousins

South Afrrica is currently in the midst of winter with most of the country experiencing near freezing temperatures, what better way to warm you up than one of SA's hottest young talents? Today's model hails from Cape Town and as you will find out, she's pretty keen on sports and probably the only lady in the world that understands the off side rule in football, since the sport is so dear to her, just a pity about the team she supports. Anyway, here she is to tell you more!

Kerry-Lee Cousins


Hi ;) My name is Kerry-Lee Cousins, I'm 23 and live in the beautiful city of Cape Town. I'm a PA as well as a model. I love to be happy and busy and always apart of the fun. I'm nomrally quite a joker when it comes to my friends but at first when you meet me, I'm quite shy :) I'm sporty and have grown up with my dad being a football coach so I know quite a bit about football than the norm :) I am a huge Arsenal supporter. I also play action netball in the week and gym as often as possiible

I've always been one to work hard and strive for things even when they seem impossible. My goal  for the future is to do well in my modelling as well as get more involved with an events company as that's someting I've always been interested in.


Twitter: @kerryleecousins
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1. Hot girls and hot cars go hand in hand, what ride would you like to see yourself in?
  • I would definitely love to see myself in an Audi R8 :)
2. What sandwich are you most likely to make for me? and will it be toasted or plain?
  • I would make a toasted ciabatta sandwich with lettuce, chicken, cucumber, avo and alil bit of mayo :) 
3. What type of music gets your booty shaking?
  • Definitely House and Hip Hop
4. Dream cover shoot?
  • GQ or/and SA Swimsuit
5. If given a choice, full time model or full time executive, what would you choose?
  • Full time model because I'll be living my dream and it would have the same feeling of being an executive of a company, except I'm the executive of my own company modelling.
6. Everyone loves popcorn (well I think they do) what is your topping/ sprinkle of choice?
  • Hands down has to be fully loaded with salt n vinegar and smarties!!!
7. Growing up you must have had someone you aspired to be, so who is your role model?
  • I always aspired to be like Roxy Ingram, she always came across as humble and sweet and always friendly, as beautiful as she is, and I think any girl would aspire to be that way. Also my parents, they've been a rock through so many difficult times in my life and still they keep going and give their everything to their kids.
9. Anyone holding that hand yet? or is it available?
  • My hand is very much being held :) lol
10. Which city is your dream party destination?
  • I used to dream about going to London ans I finally got to go 2 years ago and the next ones on my bucket list are New York and Paris.

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