Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bucket Tech: LG G3 - First Impressions

Last week I was invited to the Durban leg of the official lauch for the LG G3 mobile phone. The venue, one of Durban's finest 5 star hotels, the Osyter Box. With such an extravagent venue, one would be inclined to think that the device that was due to be launched was equally elegant and fancy and we were not disappointed! After the brief meet and greet with the folk from LG and formalities it was onto the business, what is so special about this phone?

Taking off from the success of the previous models, the G2 and G Flex, the G3 embodies most of those those qualities that made the previous devices so great but with a lot more added to make it probably the best phone on the market right now. I know, that is a pretty bold statement to make but after taking everything into consideration, and seeing what it can do, I can't see any other competitor in the market right now to rival it. 

The tag line for the phone "Simple is the new smart", which may appeal to the the average Android user. You see many of the brands that use the Android OS on their devices tend to make the user interface a bit too expansive, with various menus, side menus, drop down menus, flick menus, widget menus, god knows what menus but with the LG it's much less complicated and cluttered. Everything you need is easily accessible and in front of you, with LG's smart notice it displays various updates and calendar events at different times of the day, it also incoperates Google Now which tracks your various activities during the day and is like your PA. 

The Screen
The screen has become one of the most key features of the mobile device of recent as many manufacturers opting to do away with the keyboard for the touch screen option. It offers the user a bigger display to use and more freedom for applications. On the G3, it is the first phone to have a Quad HD LCD display, technology that is just new to televions are now on this phone! Thats 4 x HD = 2,560 x 1,440 at 538ppi. The clarity and picture definition on the 5.5" screen is incredible, seeing is really believing with this one. 

The Camera
The phone comes with a 13 megapixel rear camera with OIS+ and a 2.1 megapixel front facing camera. Though the stand out feature of the primary camera is the focus speed, it has auto laser focus which enables the camera to focus and capture almost instantly. It takes 0.278 seconds to focus and then snap, thus eliminating blurred, out of focus pics. Also with the dual flash it makes the pictures much brighter and clearer. The front facing camera is nothing special but also has a cool feature to it. We are living in the selfie generation at the moment so knowing this, LG have devised a way for the user to taake a self with just hand gestures. Open palm to signal to take the picture and then close it to snap. 

That just some of the key aspects that make this phone great, obviously just playing around with it for a few minutes won't tell me much about the phone but we will be getting a test unit soon to put it through its paces and see if it lives up to their hype. Other note worthy things about the phone is it's wireless charging capabilities and a key security feature being the new knock code unlocking method. The phone is available in various colours and has a custom made cover to suite. Look out for the full review later on this year.

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