Friday, August 1, 2014

#MissionSamsung Blogger Challenge: Mission 3

It's the 3rd and final week of the Blogger Challenge and with it bring the final mission, well it isn't really a mission, more of a recap on how the Samsung LED Smart TV was the ultimate guest at my place. I'll be honest, when the TV first arrived at my place, I was a tad bit disappointed. Why? well I own an older generation 50" Samsung Plasma TV so to down grade to a 40" was a massive adjustment for me but then again I was judging the TV before I even switched it on and that's exactly what changed my mind about it.

The sleek sexy design and smart chrome stand was nice but striaght away the clear crisp, full high definition LED display mesmerised me, clarity of such high quality, it felt as though I was looking at a photograph. After setting up the internet connection which can be done either with a LAN cable or via WiFi, the Smart TV then prompted me to do a software update, it was a bit new for me to see a TV asking for such a command but after 5 minutes, it had the latest update and I was ready to go. 

Software update
The Smart Hub is where the magic happens, with various apps available to download, your hub is fully customisable by you, the user. From social media applications, video streams, to an internet browser, it was all there at a touch of your remote. Updating your Facebook status or reading your Twitter time line on the big screen was a treat! But the best for me was definitely watching YouTube and Vine videos, searching and streaming to your heart and minds content. 

Smart Hub
With the TV we were given a Samsung S4 Active mobile device, it was meant more for capturing moments with us using the TV but because of the ease of intergration Samsung has with their devices, the phone was synced to the Smart TV by means of the WatchOn and Smart View 2.0 apps. both of which are available on the Samsung App Store for free. WatchOn enabled me to control the Smart TV with my cellphone, so if you cannot find the remote or it's out of reach, all I had to do was whip out my phone and BOOM! remote on my phone!

Using my Samsung mobile device as a TV remote
Samrt View 2.0 was another app that came in very handy, ever take pics and videos on your phone, then want to show them to various people but because of the size of the phone, only a few of them can view it at a time? Well with this application, all you had to do was sync the devices , scroll through your phones gallery and by means of a swipe gesture, flick the picture onto the TV screen for everyone to see! The screen sharing didn't stop there with this app as it worked both ways, I could view what was on the Smart TV, on my Smart Phone! That way I never missed any second of the action!

Viewing pictures from your Samsung mobile device on the Smart TV
I could go on and on about how this TV has made my life so much easier over the past 3 weeks but one really needs to exprience it to believe it, the picture quality is like nothing I've seen before. When viewing full 1080i high definition videos or playing HD console games, the TV exceeded expectations on clarity and refresh speeds. From my experiences with the challenges from Movie night with mates to exercising in the comfort of my home, every one of them has been enjoyable.

streaming Live TV to your Samsung mobile device
To end off, a TV used to be a means for people to watch what was broad casted by their various service providers and for a long time it remained that but like technology evolved with the cellular phone, so it did with the television set, like smart phones, I foresee Smart TV's to be a necessity for all house holds in the future. People are tired of being forced what to watch, they want choice, they want options and with the Smart TV they are getting that and so much more. With the internet being a key part of our daily lives, seeing the merger onto this platform is like a match made in heaven. It truly is the Smart way of watching TV.

Reading my Twitter feed on the Smart TV

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