Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Amstel Lite is here!

In this modern day lifestyle that we lead on a day to day basis, many are opting to go healthy, whether is going on new diets created by crazy professors, increasing their training or attempting marathons or running over mountains, the name of the game is get fit and lead a healthier life. To achieve this, cutting down on calories is a must but that means giving up some of your favourite things to eat and drink but the guys at Amstel have taken note of this and earlier this month launched Amstel Lite. 

Like some of the other "light" variants on the market, Amstel ensures that while their new beer contains 25% less calories and only 4% alcohol, they haven't altered the taste. “We have worked extremely hard to ensure that Amstel Lite still tastes like a full-flavoured beer. Just because it’s lite, doesn’t mean it has to be light on taste, and taste is something we will never compromise on.” says Amstel's marketing manager Diederik Vos. Also Amstel Lite is brewed just the same as Amstel Lager, in 21 days to ensure a premium quality product that one can purchase in either a glass bottle or can in various sizes. Both of which are packages in a new eye catching packaging. 

To celebrate the launch of their new product, Amstel hosted parties in the 3 major cities. I was lucky enough to attend the Durban leg of the launch at the popular township hotspot Max's in Umlazi. Nestled in the hustle that is one of the biggest townships outside Durban, the vibe was incredible and nothing like I experienced before. To add to it, Amstel brought the party to town with a host of the best local talent at the moment in SA. From Twinz on Decks, Casper Nyovest to K.O and Kid X who's song Caracara is currently topping the local charts. Although it was on a Sunday, the party carried on to the early hours of Monday morning with plenty of Amstel Lite to keep the party going on. So next time you find yourself a bar, opt for the Lite option. 

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