Thursday, August 21, 2014

UberX lands in Durban!

I'm sure you already heard about it by now but uber, the guys that changed the way of travelling around town have done it again with the launch of uberX in Durban. Uber has already been such a hit with South Africans, with it being safe, easy and a technologically advanced method of getting to places without needing cash. I mean, getting a cab is as simple as taking out your phone, opening the uber application and requesting a car. Within a minute you will already be allocated a car with the details of the driver and vehicle sent to you via sms, that's a whole lot easier than calling a cab company or waiting for a bus on the side of the road. What made it even better, apart from the rates being competitive is that the transaction is totally cashless, when you register your app, your credit card details are used and you will get debited for your travels. 

Since it's launch last year, South Africans only had access to uberBLACK, which is the luxury line of cars offered in the fleet, consisting of Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi's. Also according to them, for this they charged a "premium rate"...seemed pretty reasonable to me! Well now with the launch of uberX, it offers a whole new clientele enjoy the same benefits of uberBLACK riders but at an extremely affordable price in clean, comfortable cars. Cars in the uberX fleet consist of Toyota Corolla's or similar type vehicles.

To celebrate the launch of uberX in Durban, they are offering existing users the chance to experience it at no charge! Yes, you read, right from today (Thursday, 21 August 2014) till 11pm on Sunday (24 August 2014), you can request an uberX cab and travel for FREE! They're also offering spot prizes for riders who tweet @Uber_Durban pictures of them using uberX during the launch weekend. So if I were you, I'd leave my car parked away for the rest of the weekend and getting using this great service!

Along with this, uber also announced that it has partnered up with Discovery Insure, what this means is that people who are insured with Discovery instantly get a 25% discount on their travels and if they registered their Discovery Card for payment via the uber app, they could get up to 20% additional cash back from the trip! On top of that, should a Discovery Insure member be injured in an accident and is not able to drive, they will have the right to waiver the care hire option in favour of riding with uber to the value of R5000. uber is really changing the way we look at getting to place, with such convenience and control, it really is the future of stress free traveling. 

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