Wednesday, December 3, 2014

RIP Phil Hughes

As a child, there wasn't many sports that you could play with just two people and the best one by far was cricket. My brother and I used to play it literally everyday and then join in the other kids on the weekends and on holidays.  We should all pretend to be our favourite players at the time and dreamed of ourselves in years down the line playing for our country. It's the same dreams Michael Clarke spoke of in his emotional speech today at the funeral of Australian test player Phil Hughes, most of his words hit home hard to many as we can all relate to what he spoke off.

Hughes lived those dreams that others only pictured, he played at the highest level and represented his country. At just age 25 he already had 26 tests under his belt and 3 centuries but sadly that's where his record will end. Last Thursday he was struck by a bouncer on the head during a domestic game at the SCG,  after the impact he seemed dazed but then collapsed to the ground, he was then flown to the hospital but succumbed from the injury.

It's always sad seeing a person lose their life especially while doing something they love. Tributes poured in from all over world with many placing their cricket bats outside their doors to symbolize him being not out. Even though we as South Africans aren't fond of the Aussie cricket team, we won't deny what brilliant bunch they are and the game wouldn't be the same without them. It's a sad loss to the cricketing world and a terrible freak accident, it's shocked the sport and shocked the world. As they lay him to rest today in his home town of Macksville,  we can only pray for his family to find peace.

Thoughts go out also for the bowler that delivered that fatal blow, Sean Abbott, one can't begin to imagine what he's going through. One hopes he can make peace and return to the sport,  I'm sure that's what Phil would want. If you haven't read Michael Clarke speech, I suggest you do. While we talk about this sporting tragedy,  one can't forget about another fighting for his life.  Keep Fighting Jules.

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