Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Choon: Hardwell ft. Harrison - Sally

If you were at Ultra South Africa a few weeks back you would have heard Hardwell playing this new track of his featuring Harrison, if not you probably will hear the radio stations pumping this on out on the airwaves quite regularly as its been play listed into most of the shows. It's something new from Hardwell, bringing a mix of EDM and Rock together, so far, people seem to like it. A Few years back Avicii tried his own hybrid of genre's by fusing Country Music with his Dance music and with that abomination of "music" lost himself many fans, including myself, I hope Hardwell is just experimenting and doesn't see this as a way to get rich quickly, and kill his music into the commercial segment like ol Avicii did. I like this track, its got the right mix of rock and is a nice track to listen to, hence it's featured today. Plus the girl in the video kinda looks like Charne Jade Slee.... or is it just me?


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