Tuesday, March 10, 2015

VW Scirocco: Sonic Highway

Touch, Taste, Smell, Hear, See. The five senses of the human body, all unique, all powerful and all makes us who we are as humans. All you need is to experience one out of the five and your brain immeaditelly fills in the the missing four on its own, it's amazing what we are capable of isn't it? Using this, VW SA and Ogilvy Cape Town embarked on a unique launch campaign for the new VW Scirocco, dubbed "Sonic Highway". Using the talents of Markus Wormstorm, they set about recording 7 hours worth sounds in high quality audio of the new VW Scirocco in various elements and locations such as:

  • an abandoned warehouse in Salt River, where the team rigged up the car by placing microphones all over including the chassis, rear-view mirrors and next to the exhaust;
  • the Huguenot Tunnel, to record a number of environmental driving scenes;
  •  a church parking lot in Paarl, to record the more nuanced sounds inside the car, for example the movement of the leather seats.

Wormstrom then set about creating three bespoke tracks:

  •  Control to focus on the luxurious interior and comfort of the New Scirocco
  •  Passion to demonstrate the New Scirocco’s roaring engine 
  • Speed, a dub-step track, highlighting the superb cornering and handling abilities 

Visit the Sonic Highway for more information or to book a test drive in the New Volkswagen Scirocco.

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