Sunday, March 8, 2015

Monday Choon: Armin van Burren ft. Mark Sixma - Panta Rhei

If you've been listening to the ASOT700 podcasts,  you would have heard this song a good few times now as both Armin van Buuren and Mark Sixma have played it during their sets. I first heard at Ultra SA, at the time I had no clue what or with whom the song was by but it's one of those tracks that stay in your head and will come up at the most random times and it almost annoyed me that I didn't know who it was by. Well finally at the Utrecht leg of ASOT700,  Armin revealed the ID and production of the song with Mark Sixma. The song is called Panta Rhei which means the following of water. It's quite a cool track which you can never get sick off, trust me it's been on my play list for 2 weeks and I still love it! 


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