Friday, April 10, 2015

Bucket Seat: 2015 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

Yes I know the entire 6 Series line up has been revised but if you have been following me, you would know that there is only one variant in the range that catches my eye. In fact I think its the best looking BMW in production at the moment, yes even better than the i8 for me and that is the 6 Series Gran Coupe. 

Not sure why but it brings the best of a few worlds for me and combines it into a car that has everything. The sweeping coupe design gives it that sporty look with the elongated wheel base and two extra doors making it look like a super saloon. The car can be viewed in many lights, depending on the options you go for and that's what I like about it. 

The interior is the right mixture of modern, luxury and style, and even though you want to be in the drivers seat of the car, the back seats look equally welcoming as one could be driven around in something so elegant. Anyway, the revised model is out and should be hitting SA shores soon with subtle design changes which include new headlights, tail lights, new grille and front air in take and diffuser. It still is a beautiful looking car and if I had the cash, it would be in my garage already. 

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