Thursday, September 17, 2015

2015 Frankfurt Motorshow

In it's 66th year running, this years Internationale Autombil-Ausstellung, better known as the Frankfurt Motorshow has again played host to some remarkable reveals in the motoring world. Being Germany's premier motorshow, giants such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and the VW Group compete for the best stand at the show. 

This year with multiple launches taking place it was a difficult one to call, visitors to the show all agreed that the Mercedes-Benz stand was probably the best but interms of showstoppers, it had to be the VW Groups with new models being launched by Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, Audi and VW themselves. 

We've selected the cars that caught our eye over the past few days, at the show and summarised it in this post. 

We start off with Bentley, who have decided to join the SUV market with their new Bentayga. Odd looking thing but even more odd is that it works. First delivery is said to be going to her magesty the Queen of England, wonder if she'll pimp it up. 

Honda brought their new 2&4 concept, no idea whats the thinking behind this one. Similar to the Ariel Atom and the KTM XBox its a single seat, open cockpit racer. It's nice but doubt it will see the production line

Next up, Alfa Romeo, the darling of the Italian car market. Their new models are as rare as a blue moon which is why many were quite excited by the arrival of the Giulia, this week at IAA they released a much meaner version called the Quadrifoglio. It's not going to scare the likes of the M3 or C63S but it's a nice variant to have in the market. 

Not much more can be said about this car, it's truly a magnificent piece of engineering by the Bavarians, with more gadgets than inspector gadget and a neat disappearing act by parking itself in the garage on its own. It's got a big task to unsettle the Merc S Class but it has the ammunition to do it.

What's a motorshow without a sexy Ferrari? The 488 GTB Spider is just that. I mean look it, its brilliant!

Porsche unviled their latest four door car with a spark, the Mission E is the beetles take on electric cars, could be the next Panemerra? 

After 50 years or so, Bugatti have finally brought a new car to a motorshow thats not a Veyron! Okay maybe not 50 years, say 49 years. The Vision GT is a pure bred racer, not only does it look fast but you can bet your bottom dollar it is fast!

Lamborghini lifted the covers off two new arrivals, the Huracan Spyder and the Aventador Supervolce Roadster. Both epically good looking cars and both accompanied but some fine ass ladies. Well Played Lamborghini, well played. 

Merc brought 3 show stoppers with them, first being the new C Class Coupe with the range topping C63S, that car looks menacing! The much anticipated S Class Cabriolet was also on display, it almost looks like a yacht on the road but the main talking point from Mercedes-Benz was their Concept IAA (Intelligent Active Aerodynamics) car. It's a first by the company as it is their first functional autonomous car. A car that can drive itself. Not sure how I feel about that now, I buy a car because I want to drive it, not for me to be driven in it. 

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