Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bucket Tech - Huawei Mate S: Preview

While most of the techno geeks eyes and ears were cast on Apple Event last night, be it Apple fanboys or Android defenders, everyone attention was focused on what Tim Cook and his merry men had to say and show the world technology that others have already come up with but they only figured out now. Yes, Apple is undoubtedly one of the worlds largest technology company and responsible for most of the innovative devices that we use today on a daily basis but I think another event that happened last week should have warranted at least half the coverage that this got. Obviously marketing has a big role to play in this aspect and of course building up hype around it but the company that launched their new flagship model phone last week wants their product to speak for it self.


When we mention things that are made in China, our initial reaction would be, cheap, generic and of inferior quality. While Huawei's devices might be cheap, it's definitely not of inferior quality. In fact, some of the best quality phones I've had to test over the past year were Huawei's, I'm testing the P8 at this moment of which the review will be up soon, but even that, for the price it's offered is a steal if you take into account the specifications of the device. The build quality is excellent, their adoption of Android is probably the best I've seen on a manufacturer and usability is easy as they come. Huawei is attacking the market, and attacking it hard. Their eyes are firmly set to knocking off top competition which is Apple and Samsung. 

They're so blunt in this regard, that at the launch they compared their product with the competition, that is the iPhone 6 Plus, I mean at the end of the day, that's what the consumer is going to do so why beat around the bush? In almost every aspect the CEO took the crowd through, why and how the Hauwei device is better. The MateS is has a number of key characteristics that makes it not only the flagship device for Huawei but also for all manufacturers to try and catch up or to better. While it isn't miles ahead in terms of innovations but it's the small things that they're doing that makes the device great. 

Force touch was a big talking point, where by the more pressure you apply on the screen will trigger a different command on the phone. The screen is pressure sensitive, the developers were so bold with it that the phone also comes with a scale to measure the weight of small items. Don't try to stand on the phone though and I'm sure it will be a costly price to pay to replace this screen! That wasn't the deal breaker for me though, what I like about them is that they do the simple things right. Like the actual phone for example, it has a 5.5" AMOLED so naturally the phone would be large but they managed to keep the size to a minimum. The phone is housed in a full metal body but with a coarse finish that doesn't make it slippery. The phone also has a curved back that makes it sit comfortably in the palm of your hand. 

They've improved on the finger scanner, not only is it faster but just requires a single touch to activate. They've also expanded on the use of the scanner, before it was just used for unlocking the device, now it can be used to scroll through pictures, take photos and many other things. Then theres the knuckle touch which the P8 also has but again, for the Mate S it has been improved. On the P8 you can only make square selections but on the Mate S you can do any shape that you like. 

There's a whole lot more this phone can do than just a few party tricks and I can't wait to have one in my hands to test but for now I'll enjoy the P8 I've been given to play around with. Like I said earlier, Hauwei are coming to dominate and it you're not aware already, they slowly are, their products are reasonable priced, great quality and actually better than what the competitors have to offer. In my opinion its only a matter of time for them to succeed in their mission. 

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