Friday, October 23, 2015

Great Scott Toyota!

So this week had the day that Doc and Marty famously traveled to the then "future" in the famous movie "Back To The Future 2". No surprise that many brands took this opportunity to get their products involved in this momentous day but one brand in particular went all out, Toyota Motor Corp. 


It all started with the Lexus hover board which was released in August this year, it wasn't just an elaborate stunt but an actual working prototype that they made to prove to the world it could be done. With that in the bag, it was going to be hard to out do them, only someone who would have invented a flying car could.

Leading to the day, Toyota teamed up with the two leads from Back to the Future,  Michael J Fox and Christopher Lyod to showcase one of their lead projects, the Mirai. Now if you watched the movies, you would know Doc's DeLorean DMC ran on garbage which he chucked into "Mr Fusion" that he attached to the car. The Mirai similarly uses nitrogen that is ultimately made up from your rubbish that is then dumped, decomposed, produces bio gas and that gas is then mixed with natural gas which then produces nitrogen for the fuel cell car. They explain it well in the advert they did which they also show their special edition Mirai with gull wing doors. 


Also in the ad, you'll recognise the big black pick up, Toyota has made a special edition Tacoma similar to the one Marty was lusting over in the first  Back to the Future. Overall Toyota have won this one from the brands, perfect 3 out of 3 from them with products related to one of the greatest movies of our generation.

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