Tuesday, April 26, 2016


"Gone but never forgotten", it's strong and powerful statement that epitomises the loss of 96 lives, 27 years ago at Hillsborough. For over two decades, families of the deceased had to live with the fact that not only would they never see their loved ones again but the government labelled them at fault for their own plight. Mocked over the years for this exact reason, it was never something that sat well with the supporters of the club nor the affected families. Finally 27 years later, through persistances by selected individuals and pressure by supporters, justice and digitnity was restored for the 96 who tragically lost their lives. 

The jury in the Hillsborough inquest yesterday concluded that the 96 were unlawfully killed that day. A massive police cover up both locally and nationally in England put the blame souly on the fans of Liverpool Football Club that day, and in stead of helping those in need, police were slack in allowing emergency personell in the stadium to assist those who could have been saved. It was one of the most tragic disasters in football, one that rocked the world and enforced strict rules to fans seating that are practicsed till today. For the families of the 96, they can now finally rest, knowing that their loved ones names have been cleared and the final piece of the puzzle is for those who were to blame, are to be punished accordingly. 


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