Friday, February 10, 2017

Bucket Seat: BMW M760Li xDrive - First Impressions

For those who visited the Festival of Motoring held at Kyalami last year, you would have noticed something really special parked off at the BMW stand. Tucked away at the back was the range topping model of the 7 series stable, the M760Li. It's presence was well felt, as soon as you entered the room it caught your attention, from it's large 20" rims, to the flared front bumper and grill to the various M badges and V12 badges that adorn the car. Even the paint work was something to be admired, a dark charcoal grey in matte finish. The car has the long wheel base which means extra room for the passengers at the back, visitors to the festival got to experience this first hand with the rear seats being able to recline with the optional foot rest which forms part of the front seat deploys to give you the ultimate limousine effect. 

Even though the car was on our shores last year, the official worldwide launch of this car only happened this past weekend in the US. From it we learn't more about this spectacular car. The power plant consists the most powerful engine in BMW's arsenal, a 6.6 litre V12, which develops an output of 448kW, 610bhp at 5500rpm.  It is a beat of note, the peak torque of the motor is 800Nm all of which is produced by the help of the high performance unite with leading edge M Performance TwinPower Turbo Technology. The claimed acceleration for 01-00km/h is just 3.7 seconds, the car is electronically governed to a top speed of 250kph. There is an optional M Driver's package, if specified it pushes up the limited speed to 305Km/h. With immense power as that being produced by the engine to haul the 2.2 tonne car along, BMW felt it needed something else to hold the car in place, hence the car come with xDrive. 

What is xDrive? We in SA don't get many BMW models with xDrive, especially the sedan's simply because there is no need for it. xDrive is BMW's all wheel drive system and why the M760Li needs it is quite simple, that power going to just two wheels could be a bit much so it's distributed to all four wheels to enhance the grip and efficiency of the power produced. Not to mention it also adds to a more smoother ride, after all this is a luxury sports limousine. Another cool feature of the M760Li is the rear wheel steering, yes the rear tyres also rotate when steering but just a tad bit and not as noticeable as the front. The car also has innovative Executive Drive Pro suspension, which BMW said adds to the dynamic sharpness and unbeatable ride comfort. The Active roll stabilization minimises body movements and the systems team up with performance tyres. 

We know the car goes very fast but it can also stop fast, the car is fitted with the new 19" M Sport brakes, boasting blue metallic brake calipers and M branding, set the seal on the dynamic armory of the BMW M760Li xDrive and ensure unbeatable deceleration at all times. As with the regular 7 Series, there is a lot to this car and while we didn't even cover half of what it can do here in this post, we got the important bits, for the rest of it we have to wait till this beast makes it's way to the country, yes, this one is coming to South Africa so if you're looking at getting a luxury sedan that packs enough power to rival some of the fastest cars on the roads, this one should be high up on your list. 

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