Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Gary Rom - Umhlanga

Gary Rom hairdressers need no introduction to the South African market as they are one of the more popular franchises around with a big footprint in Guateng, they are expanding their reach to KZN with the first salon opening in Umhlanga from December 2020. This particular store is aimed and the male market, something which has been lacking for us Durbanites. While ladies are spoilt for choice when it comes to their pamper sessions, men had only their general barbers to go get a haircut and odd shave. Gary Rom Man offers so much more than just a haircut as I got to find out last week. They ensure that they leave no stone unturned to offer you the ultimate grooming experience. 

Upon arrival, I was greeted by the store manager who was very welcoming and accommodating, making sure all Covid protocols were handled by means of temperature check and form filled, it was time to get my hair did but first, a visit to the lounge area where a host of lifestyle magazines were available to read as well as being offered a drink while I wait, apart from the usual coffee options, there was also a well stocked bar, which has some great single malts and other spirits should you wish to indulge before your session. 

Not longer after I had my drink in hand, I was summoned to the chair by my barber for the day, Chadwin who was going to be in charge of making me look good, not an easy task but he seemed to be confident of the task at hand. Guiding me to the sanitized chair where I was then cloaked up and ready for my trim. What strikes you first about Gary Rom Man is the set-up, well for me personally I've never seen such a wide variety of machines and scissors which were on display, after telling Chadwin what I had in mind and how I preferred my hair cut, he got to it but with intricacy and patience that I've never experienced before. To my surprise he spent quite a long time ensuring my fade was meticulously done with precise blending before moved onto chopping my hair to make sure the final product looked good. What I loved about my haircut was that it wasn't rushed, while every cut is appointment based, there wasn't that sense of urgency that you may have at other establishments which gave me the sense of every client being important to them. 

Once done with the hair, it was time for the shave, I opted for the steam shave which in itself was quite fascinating as they have a steamer over your face ensuring your skin stays moist and warm before your face is lathered up and you get the smoothest shave this end of the east coast. Feeling nice and fresh after the shave I was also offered a facial, now it was highly recommended and not having had one before I was intrigued to say the least. It was a rather refreshing as part of the process is to exfoliate and remove dead or dry skin as well as deep clean the skin to have you glowing. After this is complete, your face gets covered by a refreshing hot towel for a few minutes and you're all done to hit the town. 

All in all, my experience at Gary Rom Man Umhlanga was nothing short of exceptional. It was a great to see that there are various treatments offered to men as well as being taken cared of so well by the management and staff. What was great to note that they spare no expense on how they treat clientele, from the time you arrive, to the refreshments on offer and the products they use, all high quality and worth every cent of your time spent there. It was also such a relaxed environment, far from the rush and cut that I've become to accustomed to most of my life. It's definitely changed my perspective on men's grooming and now I cannot wait for my next session. 

You can visit Gary Rom Man at Umhlanga Center, 189 Ridge Road, Umhlanga Rocks. 

Call to make your appointment now on: 031 880 1955

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