Monday, August 9, 2021

Monday Choon: ATB, Topic, A7S - Your Love (9PM) (Official Music Video)

So today's featured track is a bit old as it's been out for 6 months already, no idea how I missed it seeing that the original track was such a firm favourite of mine back in the 2000's. Andre's original track 9PM was a dance floor classic, having seeing him perform it live at the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange project in Cape Town was like a dream come true. Fastforward to today, it's been given a new lease of life by ATB with the help of A7S and Topic. The vocals add an extra element to the track that's so complimentary, it feels like it was always suppose to be there. Even though I'm six months late since it's debut, it still feels fresh and hence why I've got it on the blog today. So turn up the volume and enjoy. 

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