Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Bucket Tech: CallApp

The age old saying "time is money" applies to our daily lives now more than ever and one of the biggest time wasters is unwanted, unsolicited calls which not only disturbs you from whatever you doing but also changes your mood, your train of thought and just ruins that moment you were in. While there are various App's available on the market to detect unwanted calls by means of screening and notifying you before hand, many have their gripes, but over the past week I've been testing one of the newer Caller ID apps on the market called "CallApp", while it works very similar to the others, there's a whole lot of added features to it that make it a little different from the rest.

CallApp was designed to quickly identity the source of the calls and notifies you the type of call it is, so you can choose to answer, ignore or even block repeated calls from the same numbers. It's main aim is to protect you from unwanted calls, all while keeping you privacy safe. While the number one annoyance is spam/ telemarketing calls, CallApp also identifies potential Vishing Scams. What is "Vishing"?  It's the fraudulent practice of making phone calls or leaving voice messages purporting to be form of a reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information such as your Identity Number, Banking Details, Credit Card numbers and the sorts. It's fast becoming the highest cyber crime with criminals obtaining methods to make the whole experience sound legit. CallApp picks these calls up and identifies them as such with a red colour screen. 

Keeping your privacy safe in this digital age is of utmost importance and hence having tools like CallApp will protect you from these potential threats as they will come when you least expect them, the last thing you want is to be caught off-guard and succumb to one of these criminals and with CallApp identifying the threat before hand, it gives you an advantage over them. CallApp can also assist with getting regular numbers blocked and reported, could be a stalker or a crazy ex, don't stress, CallApp has you covered. Or in the event of you needing to record a call, it has the option on the call screen to start recording at any time you want without having to go into sub-menu's to find the function. 

Another great thing about CallApp is that you can personalize it to suit you, by chosing personalized video ringtones for each contact as well as background and profile pictures. There is even a dark mode setting which switches everything from bright colours over to dark colours which has a less harsh impact on your eyes and lowers battery consumption. Personalisation is even further demonstrated where you can even choose different backgrounds for your dialing pad. There is even an analytics section where you can personalize your date to see how much time you spend on calls, text messages, WhatsApp and other message services. How many times have you received a call but were too busy to answer at the time and said you'd call them back later but forgotten to? I do that quite a lot but with CallApp, it reminds you of calls you missed so you can call them back. As with most applications like this, it creates a profile for you, where you can search for others as well search for places such as restaurants and businesses, CallApp also notifies you if someone has searched and viewed your profile.

 For those that need to keep track of calls received and made, there is a call history back-up where you can choose to back-up your call logs either on Dropbox or Google Drive. CallApp is also available on certain wearables so you don't have to view your phone but rather your smart watch when incoming calls come through. CallApp is available for free on the Google Play Store but with the free version there is a lot of adverts, even voice adverts when making calls which can be annoying, to get the premium CallApp, this removes all adverts from static to voice, but you will get notifications of new features or deals on the CallApp itself. 

Overall experience has been a great one with CallApp, and looking to get the Premium paid version could give you a better user experience that is hassle free and saves you, not only time but your digital safety. 

To download CallApp on your smart phone, follow the link below. 

Google Playstore: CallApp

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