Monday, January 17, 2022

Monday Choon: Ashley Wallbridge - Arena


Australian DJ and producer Ashley Wallbrigde has been busy over the past few months in the studio with new work and one of them we have on the blog for you today. "Arena" is the latest release from him and its a typical track from Ashley that we've come to love over the years from him. His style being a mixture of uplifting and melodic trance has that high energy beat which why he is always a firm favourite when any festival is on. If your knowledge on trance music is good, you'd recognize the intro of the track, from D-Mad - She Gave Me Happiness (Arty Remix), but they way he blended it in to work with the rest of the track is just magic. It's already a favourite of mine and has been added to my playlist so hopefully you guys will like it just as much. 

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