Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The senselessness

I don't blog about serious issues that make the news but this is one story that struck a nerve with me. I was a bit slow to learn of this but yesterday morning a read an article about a young muslim gentlemen who lost his life due to a "hate crime" incident in the North West province.

Now I know what you're thinking, hundreds of people are murdered in our country why this particular story? No one deserves to die by the hands of another human, no one has the authority to end another persons life, hence our government had the death penalty banned. Though it seems that has made it easier for criminals to get away with it so to speak, yes over the years SA's murder rate has come down but with the over crowding at prisons many never serve their entire sentences.

Coming back to the incident that transpired in Magaliesburg, from what I understand Mohammed Fayaaz Kazi, a 27 year old Muslim male entered a Chicken Licken in the area to purchase food for him and his dad's friend who was with him at the time to break their fast. This being Ramadan, the holy month for Muslims which requires them to abstain from eating or drinking during the day. While there, he encountered two white Afrikaans males, who then started making fun of his beard and compared him to Osama Bin Laden. They were speaking in Afrikaans but Kazi understood them and asked them to stop, which then prompted a scuffle in the store which resulted in the two men assaulting Kazi. They were then kicked out of the store and that's when the two men began to brutally hit and kick the victim.

Witnesses described Kazi's screams as chilling and that like of an animal that was severely hurt. Anser Mahmood (Kazi's fathers friend) ran to his aid but was also assaulted and knocked unconscious by the attackers. The two continued their attack on the men but fled the scene before the police could arrive. Kazi and Mahmood were still alive but beaten up badly left the scene there after heading back home. Obviously the two were heavily traumatised by the incident but Kazi's injuries were severe and had to be taken to hospital where he later died.

The two men accused of this brutal assault have been taken into custody and appeared in court where they have been denied bail until their hearing but will justice be served? Will the two accused get what they deserve?  There isn't any sentence that can bring back Kazi's life nor make it seem equal to what they have done. The question I ask is why? Why take someones life? The manner is which it was done and the reasoning make it more mind boggling! Do these two lack common sense? Obviously they have no tolerance for others beliefs and religions to mock him over his beard. Then to brutally assault someone to the point where they die from the injuries, that to me is inhumane.

What makes it worse is the timing, not to say there is a correct time to die but during the most holy month in the Muslim calender. All Kazi wanted was some food to end his fast for the day but he ended up losing his life. Its incidents like this that leave me dumbfounded and question what type of society we live in. Yes we are all not savages like these two but still, to live in a place where such people exist is scary. Now this is not a post to say the country is going down the drain, lets move to Australia because I can guarantee you that it can happen in any country.

This incident isn't the first and I'm sure it wont be the last but its just sad that it had to happen. I just hope in the future people will be more tolerant over others faiths and religions, just by doing that we can achieve so much more as humanity.

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