Friday, May 20, 2016


As the winter chill starts to make it's way across the country for the onset of the season that has many hiding indoors and seeking the warmth, many across our nation haven't the luxury that most of us afford. Many of us will be snuggled up with our favourite blanket and be on our phones communicating to our friends and family or catching up on the latest in the social networking world. It's become a big part of our life now has social networking and plays a major role in society now, some good and some bad but it's with events like the Twitter Blanket Drive that we see the good that can come out with it. 

TDB has been around since 2010, when founding member Melanie Minaar reached out to the relatively new social platform in hope to collect some blankets for the less fortunate before the winter season and since then it has snowballed into an annual drive for blankets across the country. I've been participating in the Durban one since it's inception and it's great to see the online community come together for a great cause. 

This year the Durban group will be collecting blankets till the end of May, all donations will be handed over to the KwaCare charity for distribution. Blankets can be dropped off at St Clements Coffee Shop, 191 Musgrave Road, Durban. It's a great cause and your help will keep someone warm this winter, whether its 1 or 100, every bit helps. 

For more information or to become involved in this years drive, please visit or contact Durban co-ordinator Fred Felton at falconscove@gmail,com or follow @fredfelton @TBDAfrica on twitter

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