Friday, September 7, 2018

Ultra South Africa 2018 - Aftermovie

With Africa's largest electronic music festival confirmed for 2019, with show dates and tickets already on sale, we take a look back at the 5th anniversary 2018's festival aftermovie. Filmed and produced by Final Kid, this aftermovie doesn't disappoint, capturing the perfect moments from Ultra SA 2018 as well as some of the most beautiful scenery of our country and its cultures. If you attended Ultra SA 2018, look closely to see if you can spot yourself in here!

Reminder that tickets for Ultra South Africa 2019 are currently on sale via the website

 Cape Town - 1 March - Ostrich Farm
 Johannesburg - 2 March - Nasrec Expo Center
 Tier 1 - R500
Tier 1 - R900 
Tier 1 - R600 
Tier 1 - R1,000 
Tier 1 - R3,000 
 Tier 2 - R650
Tier 2 - R1,250 
Tier 2 - R800 
Tier 2 - R1,500 
Tier 2 - R4,000 

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