Sunday, February 17, 2019

Monday Choon: Above & Beyond - Distorted Truth

With just 2 weeks to go till Ultra South Africa 2019, we bring you our artist feature on the Monday Choon. There's no denying Above & Beyond's cult status in the electronic music world, their hit track Sun & Moon still makes the hair on the back of many necks stand every time it plays. Their weekly podcast ABGT has hundreds of thousands of streams and their sellout shows just go to prove what a phenom they are and why we are so so lucky to see them in SA, performing at our premier music festival. Today's track Distorted Truth was released last week but was first played by them at their ABGT300 show in Hong Kong last year. It's a bit more up tempo than their previous track release Flying by Candle Light but has just the right beat to get you excited for their set. The track has all the key Above & Beyond elements, the beats, the build up and uplifting tempo's. It's simply brilliant in our books and will be a firm favourite for you too.

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