Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Battery Centre - GIVEAWAY

We tend to talk a lot about cars on the blog, so its only fitting we give away something car related to you, our loyal readers. Battery Centre are a house hold name in South Africa and generally the number place one goes to, to replace their car battery, stocking not only the best products but provide quick efficient service. They've given us a voucher for a replacement battery valued up to R2500 to give away, and entering is simple and will be explained later on in the post. They've given five tips to extend the life of your battery. 

Good quality car batteries have an impressive lifespan of up to five years, but most batteries fail within two to three years. The exact life expectancy of your battery depends on a host of variables, including your driving habits and the amount of love and attention you give it. Regular maintenance is at the heard of a healthy battery. Battery Centre recommends getting a free battery check twice a year so that you never get stuck with a flat battery. However, car batteries are often treated with out of sight, out of mind indifference, and as a result, many batteries have be to replaced much too soon. Fortunately there are some things you can do to prolong the life of your battery. 

  1. Keep it Clean, dirt and grim can create a short circuit and cause your battery to discharge. Keep the battery terminals clean, dry and free of corrosion by scrubbing them with a solution of water and baking soda. Use a spray bottle to rinse the mixture off and dry the terminals thoroughly with a clean cloth. You can also get your battery cleaned for free by the specialist at a Battery Centre near you. 
  2. Keep it Cool, extreme heat can evaporate the water in your battery and cause considerable battery damage, often leading to battery failure in winter. Keep your car out of the sweltering heat by parking it in a garage or shaded spot as often as possible. You can also consider getting a valve-regulated Raylite battery that is less susceptible to extreme temperatures. 
  3. Keep it Steady, Excessive vibration can cause short circuits and internal battery damage. Make sure all your battery clamps and brackets are securely fastened or have it expertly fitting by the battery specialist. If you frequently drive on uneven terrain, you many want to opt for a vibration-resistant Raylite battery, exclusively available at Battery Centre nationwide.
  4. Go for long drives more often, your battery loses power every time you start your car. After that, the alternator takes over and recharges the battery while you drive. If you only make short trips throughout the day, your battery power won't have sufficient time to recharge fully and will continue to lose power. You can help maintain your battery power by going for longer drives of at least 20 minutes more frequently. 
  5. Use it or lose it, a near fully charged battery is essential to prevent battery damage over time. If your car won't be in use for a long time, ask a friend or family member to drive your car. You can also consider disconnecting the negative terminal to reduce drainage or invest in a car battery charger to keep your battery powered up. 

A little extra care goes a long way in extending the life of your battery. But if DIY maintenance is too much of a hassle, a maintenance-free Raylite battery may be the perfect solution. Visit any Battery Centre for a free battery test and expert advice on all things batteries.

Competition time! As mentioned earlier, Battery Centre have given us a voucher with the value of up to R2500 to give away to one lucky reader. All you have to do to enter follow the Bucket's instagram page and comment on this post with "I want to win with the Bucket and Battery Centre"

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