Monday, May 27, 2019

Monday Choon: ALPHA 9 feat. Kameron Alexander - Before The Dawn

I listen to many podcasts and of recent have really been enjoying Group Therapy by Above & Beyond, not sure if its the type of music they play which appeals for the mature trance fans but either way they have been playing some great stuff of recent. Like today's featured track really caught me, it's by Alpha 9 who I haven't heard of before but there was something about the track that seemed familiar with the tone and flow, and when I did some digging I found out that the man behind Alpha 9 is none other that Russian DJ and producer Arty. This kid has been one of my favourite DJ's since I started listening to ASOT, he sort of went quiet for a few years but is slowly starting to resurface again and honestly loving the work he's doing with this Alpha 9 alias. His sound has definitely matured a lot since when I used to listen to him and it's only for the better. Here is 'Before The Dawn' featuring vocals from Kameron Alexander.

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