Monday, September 16, 2019

Dzeko & DJ D-Sol - Down On It ft. Kool & the Gang

Recently on the EDM scene there's been an influx of remakes, not just using the melodies classics of the past but basically using the exact song and adding some electronic elements here and there. It's been annoying me and if you ask me it's down right lazy of the artist. Today's track is a remake of one my all time classics by Kool and the Gang "Down On It" and while I just gave a whole lecture on why I don't appreciate remakes, Dzeko and DJ D-Sol actually made this track into something special. Kept the groove of that 80s classic but added elements to make it seem part of the time and not to future sounding. The respect they had for the song won me over by introducing retro electronic elements that just work so well. Perfect way to get that Monday groove going.

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