Monday, March 23, 2020

Monday Choon: Myon feat. Alissa Feudo - The Darkest Light (Myon Club Mix)

When 'Perfect Ghost' was released last year, I mentioned that this duo fo Myon and Alissa Feudo could be the greatest paring of DJ and vocalist in current EDM times, they proving me right with their latest release, The Darkest Light. The synergy between the two of them is nothing short of incredible, their music just flows where it be the electronic beats from Myon to the angelic voice of Alissa. The Darkest Light follows the same symphony we used to from the pair, elegantly put together with the right about of mellowness with the gradual build up followed by the drop, it ties up to make on beautiful track. The featured track today is Myon's Club Mix, so it does have a bit faster BPM with added oomf but all in all a splendid track from Myon and Alissa, looking forward to their next colab. 

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