Monday, April 27, 2020

Monday Choon: Fatum, Jaytech , Genix & Juddah - We're All In This Together (Above & Beyond Respray)

Sticking with the theme at the moment, which is COVID19, I don't think we can escape it actually but the guys at Above & Beyond have taken probably my favorite song of 2019 and given it a "Respray" as they put it to commemorate all the Essential working staff during this pandemic, mainly the medical sector who have it the worst at the moment, to let them know we're all thinking of them. The song is quite appropriate seeing that everyone has their part to play in fighting this pandemic, whether you're on the frontline or just sitting at home. The British trio of Jono, Pavo and Tony have tweaked the song to give is a more uplifting and somber sound but still hits that message home quite powerfully. The music video features fans, mainly the essential medical staff sending supportive messages and from the general fans giving there's as well. It's quite beautiful and moving, so turn up the volume sit back and enjoy.

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