Thursday, February 18, 2021

Bucket Seat: 2021 Lexus LS

The very first Lexus that was made and introduced to the world back in 1989 was the legendary LS400. It signified a massive shift for the Japanese motor-manufacturer Toyota. It was an announcement to the world that they too could compete with Europe's finest luxury car makers with an offering that also is luxurious, offers the best in technology, the best in performance and at a price that will have them scratching their heads. The LS400 was a great car for the brand and definitely set the benchmark for models to come, while the tag line was "the luxury brand of Toyota", they didn't just settle on luxury but nitpick on every detail of the car. The V8 engine they produced is one of the quietest ever made, while sitting in the LS you can hardly hear the engine idle which at the time was unheard of.  As the LS evolved, this technology too evolved, Lexus then brought in other luxury elements to the car to assist with attaining nothing but the very best for their car. One example was introducing Mark Levinson to create a sound system that suited the aesthetics of the cabin, giving each passenger the optimal and precise sound experience purposely crafted for them. I can go on about how Lexus strives for nothing but the best in their cars, especially when it comes to high-end models like the LS but I could be here all day and I'd miss the purpose of this post which is the new LS. 

One of the defining quality of the Lexus LS has been impeccable ride comfort and that trend has continued with their latest model. Lexus say that with this being their benchmark for the design over the years, finding improvements in any details that might deliver even higher levels of comfort have been developed for this car. It's commitment like that which has brought about significant advances in ride quality of the new 2021 LS, which not only saw a single breakthrough in innovation but through a comprehensive review of the parts and controls relating to driving performance, ride comfort and quietness. The changes go beyond the fundamentals of fine-tuning the suspense to include adjustments to the tyres and even the materials and methods used to structure and upholster the seats. 

Design wise, the 5th generation LS has taken a leap forward in vehicle design with it being the first to make use of Lexus GA-L (Global Architecture - Luxury) Platform. The benefits of this underpinning include and excellent chassis balance, low center of gravity and a much-increased body rigidity. The design cues are striking like much what we've come to expect from the brand, with sharp edgy lines, that big spindle grille, angular tapered off head lamps and those stunning rims give the large car a lot of character, making it looks sleek and sporty rather than big and bulky. The interior has been designed elegantly as well, with a host of materials and details to give the cabin a luxurious feel with multiple textures and trims. This gives the interior a lot of depth into what you are looking at, from the various lines on the dash to the ambient lighting and the various tech on offer including that large infotainment screen on the center consol. The stitch design on their seats always fascinates me without fail, with the new LS its nothing different, even the design of the seat itself is something to behold. 

Only two model variants will be available in the country which Lexus SA will announce at launch along with spec details. The industry-leading 7-year/105 000km warranty and maintenance plan will come standard for LS drivers. 





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