Friday, December 17, 2010

Looking back on 2010

2010: Its been a pretty insane year dont you think? Besides the for obvious reasons alot of things went down in this year, we found out who the Stig was, we re-created the big bang, and Robert Mugabe is still a douche.

As I sit here today thinking or trying to think what went down in 2010, only one word can come to mind to describe it. LEGENDARY. I know the word is over used after Barney Stinson basically made it part of normal conversation but truly this year for me was just that. Firstly thanks to the intwerbs and twitter! It has changed my life, changed the way I do things, see things, experience things and it forced me to create this very blog! I could bore you and give you the the details on why this year was so great but I'd spare you the annoyance and give a brief summary of my years happenings in pictures, because everyone likes pictures right?

Kiaria Lodge - Golden Gate National Park
Jan started of with me in the Berg, awesome place to unwind, relax and breathe in the clean fresh air the mountains have to offer. Whether you go for hiking, fishing, mountain biking or like me, to kick back relax with a fire and meat burning on it with a beverage in hand. There is no better place to chill.

We stayed near a small town in the Free State called Clarens. This place has more restaurants than houses! theres 100's of them in a town as small as a block in Jhb!

Katse Dam
Staying so close to the Lesotho border and me have fetish for big things that are made out of concrete we saw this as an ideal opportunity to see one of the Southern Hemisphere's marvouls. The Katse Dam located in the Lesotho highlands! Its the second largest dam in Africa... its huge! but getting there, yoh be prepared thats all Im going to say, its not easy!

Reshma & Shyam

From the berg we made our way to the land of the big hole, aka Kimberley for my cousins wedding. Now Ive been to tons weddings before but this one was special, if one has to dig up Kimberleys Tourism figures, one would distinctly notice that the weekend of the 30th Jan will stand out. All the hotels in the city were fully booked and on the wedding day itself if you drove around town you were guaranteed to spot a woman in a sarie!

Queen Mary 2
Keeping with the big things theme. In March the Queen came to visit! No not that old hag that waves like she has an electronic wrist joint. Cunards luxury cruise liner, the Queen Mary 2! The biggest trans-Atlantic cruise ship in the world! Jostling to get a good spot at the harbour entrance to see her leave was a mission, not to mention they delayed the exit by an hour! but it was all worth it.

First Official flight from KSIA
May saw the opening of Durbans new King Shaka International Airport. The one that was being planned from the days of the dinosaurs which finally saw green light given 2 years back. I've followed this project since the first pile was put in with a bunch of mates on a construction forum so we had to go down there for the official opening and witness the first commercial flight taking off. Plus I came on national TV!

May saw me being part of a chosen 1000 to witness something unexplainable. Smirnoff brought down DJ'ing great Tiesto for a one night show. I got the call on Friday morning to say I've got a ticket, the concert was the next night, I had to chose 3 other friends to join me and arrange flights. It was one chaotic day but ended up being a weekend for the record books. The man is a legend, he had us in a trance till 4 in the morning. To top things off I got to meet DJ Fresh, Euphonik and on the plane back home I met Wayne Brady who was touring SA.

Moses Mabhida Stadium
June saw the biggest event in the world kick off right here on our shores. The World cup has been talked about since the time we won the bid to host it. It for me was the most anticipated event of my LIFE! Yes everything for me revolved around this event. I followed the bid process, the stadium constructions and everything else World Cup related, I even made it onto FIFA's website!

Moses Mabhida -Semi Final
I have to add more to it, all in all I saw 7 matches including the semi final in Durban. Just to experience the event was something, I made sure I took as many people as I could. I even dragged my mum who hates sports to see a game! I braved the minus temps of Jhb and partied with the Algerians and drank with the English in Cape Town. Everytime I think back to June/ July I get goose bumps. Meeting so many different people from all over the world and more importantly seeing our nation unite as one to welcome the world was just spectacular.


Gosais Supermarket
 July was also quite emotionally sad for my family and I as we bid fairwell to our business that we've had for 79 years. My whole life revolved around the "shop". I didnt know what it felt like to do shopping until this year. Normal bread and milk was a given and brought home from the supermarket, as well as so many other things. It was tough letting it go but Im sure even tougher for my dad and his brothers. In the long term I suppose it was the right thing to do but we still have fond memories of the place.

the 3rd generation

Kavita doing the Champers justice
My sister turned 21... you know you're old when the baby in your family reaches this age. It was quite a party too. Smack bang middle in our fasting month, this one took a long time to plan and lets not get started on the cake but it turned out to be a blast and me quite enjoying the food as told in my blog post.

Trevor Noah & Pixie Bennett
Thanks to Rabin Hurduth for organising VIP tickets to see the most famous CEO in South Africa. And I got to meet fellow twitter buddy and major SA singer Pixie Bennett.

Kings Park - Currie Cup Final
October saw me attend my first ever Currie Cup final. The Sharks have made it to finals before and won, but lost many as well so I wasnt sure what to expect from this one knowing we carried the dreaded chokers tag. The match itself was quite the opposite with us running away with the victory. Definitely one for the record books.

November saw me invited for yet another Smirnoff event, this time for the Nightlife Exchange project in Cape Town. Featuring one of my favourite DJ's ATB. I also was educated in trance by the great Markus Schulz. It was an event bigger than Tiesto but I cant compare the 2 since both were epic in their own way.


Camps Bay
Being in Cape Town I pulled an extra few days after the concert, I lived it up, pimped it up,  met up with many of the twitter peeps, partied till the wee hours of the morning and made that mountain my bitch. Basically I did that Town justice and when I left I had it begging for more, be warned mountain... I'll be back.

Theres still 2 weeks left in the year and more memories to be made, the main thing is to be safe in what ever it is that you're doing. If you're drinking, dont drive, if you're going to be messing with fireworks on New Years, be aware of those around you and the pets but all in all dont forget to have fun! You only live once.

This wont be my last blog post for the year but seems like a good time to do a review.
Lets hope 2011 out does 2010.

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