Monday, March 14, 2011


Now if you're the average guy with basic car knowledge, you'll read the title and think "surely the SLK has no chance in hell against a DBS". Unless its a super Hamann conversion with a V12 squeezed into it with some turbo's but this isn't the SLK you think it is. Let me refresh your memory back to FHM Fridays 1.

Yes gents Lady Kaye is back on the Bucket to provide your eyes with another visual feast of beauty, elegance and overall drool worthy material. Like in the previous post, Samantha teams up again with Kass Dea of Kass Photography to bring us yet more mind blowing pictures. When these two combine their talents and work together, they create magic!

There is no other words to describe what they do as the outcome leaves you spell bound. This time round the sexy baking Queen of the Cape swop's her apron for a seductive silver one piece and some gems that try their best to outshine her. Accompanied by one of the best designed supercars around, the Aston Martin DBS, this shoot just oozes elegance, tie in the seductive poses from Samantha and you're in for a visual spectacular of note.

The 6 litre ,V12 coupe made its debut in Casino Royale. An installation of the famous James Bond series of movies. Daniel Craig ended up flipping it in the film and to follow "Quantum of Solace" we saw him tragically man handle it in an epic car chase around Lake Garda in Italy. A total of 6 Aston Martin DBS's were used in filming, unofficially 5 were written off...

Speaking of Bond, now that I think of it Lady Kaye would make an awesome Bond Girl! Shes got all the qualities needed, well in my opinion she does. Maybe I should contact Barbara Broccoli and have her considered for the next film.

If given the choice between the car and Samantha I'm sure most guys would ponder a while before giving you an answer, I personally don't blame them as I would normally too but in this case the only roaring V12 I'll hear is the one being taken away from me as I went with the latter choice, sorry Aston, there is only one SLK.

Don't forget to vote for her in FHM's 100 sexiest, we want to see her make the list and you've just seen 6 extremely good reasons why!

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