Friday, March 18, 2011

FHM Fridays - 6

The List

Favourite: Candice Boucher

I and probably many others first noticed Miss Boucher when she leapt onto the scene in SA Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, from then on we were blessed to see her in many other publications including GQ, FHM and in April 2010 we saw her shed everything and pose for Playboy International. The shoot received rave reviews worldwide and just goes to show how far along this local lass has come. If shes not giving it horns in Cape Town you’ll find her strutting her stuff in the Big Apple where she is based most of the time doing SA proud in the city that never sleeps.  Being the face of Guess jeans and mesmerising herself and others in the Sissyboy TV adverts is just some of the places she can be seen otherwise you can catch her on twitter from time to time working on her #bodyofsteel. A worthy contender for the title so lets hope we see her win it sometime soon.

Underdog: Yolandi Malherbe

Also known as Juicy Jemma and quite an apt name because she is one juicy girl of note! The famous online celeb has been rocking the interwebs for a while now with her blog being a weekly must read for many. Having appeared in 3 music videos and also done countless shoots, this sexy lady is no new comer to the world of modelling at all.  Recently just submitted an entry to Playboy SA, created a profile on FHM modelbook and also vying for the title of SA Sports Illustrated New Model search, she recently just won Rapport Newspapers (catch her on the back page this Sunday) model of the week, which the readers can vote for this Sunday! This beauty has one big bright future ahead of her. Ever the life of the party and loving to create a stir is just some of her attributes, its just a pity I didn’t get to meet her as yet since we’re were forever missing each other during my visit to the mother city.

Legend: Minki Van Der Westhuizen

The former winner surely needs no introduction, voted 23rd in Maxim’s hottest woman in the world and made the SA Sports illustrated swimsuit edition more than times! A poster of hers was also spotted on a US troopers room wall in Afghanistan during the war there! If shes getting exposure like this then you know shes hot property! Been in the public eye has been mixed with her relationship with Protea Captain falling out and of recent her divorce, but she is committed as always and proved it last year when she made the cover of Shape Magazine. She may not get number 1 back but we’d sure love to see our Minki stay on the list.

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